I'm looking for a good tailor, who is relatively cheap and ideally not a long way from Sheung Wan/Central, though travelling's not a problem.

I only want shirts and skirts, maybe some simple trousers. Not suits, but I do want proper shirts (i.e. a good stiff collar, fitted, longer than norm) non of the girly shirts you get in shops with flat collars and bodies that will only fit chinese people. I'm 5'11 (and girl, so thats quite tall) and a larger dress size than is generally catered for out here (though thats not saying much)

i can't find decent clothes to fit and I would like some made anyway, but a lot of the adverts i was given (in Kowloon admittedly) were a lot more expensive than I had imagined - in Malaysia it was dirt cheap to get stuff made, and made well, so i might be biased.

I start work soon and need some decent clothes! Please help!

Kate xx