Where to find a wide range of neckties?

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    Wink Where to find a wide range of neckties?

    I know tierack and Marks and Spencer offer reasonable range of choices and prices. Still, choices are seasonal and rather limited.

    Where else to find reasonable priced ties that are not graphically overdone? I am looking for UK/Irish regimental ties with simplest stripes. Thanks.

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    Sham Tseng

    There is a tie rack on the pedestrianised street almost opposite M & S just opposite Shanghai Tang.

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    Ladies market?

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    I've been to that tierack and temple street last week, and still in search for the ties in my mind. It's so frustrating it's so hard to find a perfect match. I think nowadays tie patterns have got too complicated. Not for me.

    I did find a Burgundy-navy stripe tie at Brooks Brothers, but that masterpiece would set you back at a handsome $550

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