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Where to get a tailored casual jacket (not blazer/suit jacket)?

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    Where to get a tailored casual jacket (not blazer/suit jacket)?

    Is there a tailor in Kowloon or HK that could make a casual jacket similar to this:

    I've had dress suits made before on previous trip to HK, but never anything like this. I would love to have one tailored because, as a tall thin guy, it's impossible to find one that fits well off the rack.

    Anyone have any experience doing something similar? Any tailors to recommend?



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    Go to Tony the tailor (Fu-SHing) Tailor on Fenwick Pier in Wan Chai. He is accustomed to making military uniforms for all branches of services and countries and should be able to help you with something like this.

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    Thanks for the tip! Sounds very promising.

    Does Tony the Tailor have an email address? If possible, I would like to contact him before my trip, as I won't have a lot of free time while I'm there.


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    Guess I should have Googled before posting the question. Website is here:

    Tony The Tailor , the finest custom tailor in Hong Kong

    Already sent in an inquiry.

    I'm curious though, seems like Tony is fairly famous. Does that translate into high prices? Are there lower-cost tailors I should consider for this project?

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    I've seen a similar jacket at Esprit. You might want to stop by their store as well.

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