Selling to the HK market via eBay

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    Selling to the HK market via eBay


    I'm from the UK and have a UK eBay shop selling women's accessories. My main customers are based in the UK but being in HK I'd like to sell to the HK market too and glad to know that they've got the English version now!

    However, I'm not sure whether there's a market here for such things. Does anyone know? I heard that most locals prefer to buy from Yahoo than eBay, is that right?

    Hope to hear from people's ideas.


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    Kwun Tong

    I would not bother with Ebay myself. Even the Chinese version, which covers 90% of the population it has not taken off in Hong Kong after being open for 2 or 3 years and have spent a fortune on marketing.

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    I see thanks for your reply. I only sell to the women really so I'd like to find maybe some local websites especially for those looking to buy occasionwear items or specialised exquisite items. Do you or anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hi Glammi,

    I love shopping but won't bother with ebay too.

    What kind of accessories do you sell? i'm interested if it's the choker/necklace type. Do you sell retail?


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    Hi Crystal88,

    Yes I guess there's too much choice anyway in HK so no need to buy online!

    My customer are mainly in the UK. Yes, I sell some necklaces/chokers. I sell hand-beaded ones and maybe with a vintage style to it. As long as they look intricate then I sell them. I also have some Freshwater Pearl sets.

    Do you have a retail shop ?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    eBay is popular in HK for sellers (selling overseas), not for buyers. HK buyers use Yahoo Auction, but that's in Chinese only.