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    Electronic shopping

    I need to buy some electronic stuff for my family, like cell phone, ipod/mp3 players, some one in the office suggested mongkok, thinking of going there.

    Would it be the right place to do such shopping? I have heard that the prices r lowest there and one can get good deals, but is the stuff genuine???

    Kindly suggest...


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    Mongkok is fine for buying electrical goods, many shops, lots of choice.

    In terms of getting a good deal then you have to be sensible. Profit margins are generally not that high on electrical goods and larger retailers have economies of scale so if you're imagining that you're going to get a great deal in a small shop compared to the price in a mainstream store like Fortress or Broadway then that's when you're setting yourself up to get ripped off. Most retailers know what they're doing and if they're going to stay in business they're not going to sell something to you at a loss just because they like your smile. You might be able to get it a bit lower, get some freebies thrown in etc but if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.

    Edit: The main place to avoid is Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui btw, there are many tourist rip-off shops there.

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