[HELP]Buy a laptop in hongkong

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    Smile [HELP]Buy a laptop in hongkong

    i plan to go to hongkong on holiday, and i wanna buy a laptop(for example: hp/ibm)in hongkong, so could anyone tell me where should i go to buy that? are there some websites which i can browse to check the price compared that in mainland ?

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    You can go to one of the mainstream chains like Fortress or Broadway (branches everywhere, Google for their websites) or one of the computer malls like Wan Chai Computer MAll, 298 Computer Mall (also Wan Chai) or the Golden Arcade in Sham Shui Po.

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    I hope you know your stuff about computers, My advice would be for you to stick with the big companies like Fortress or Broadway, never buy stuff from a shop where the product has no price listed or attached. They will look at you and name a higher price or if they listen to you speak mandarin they will try to cheat you maybe by selling older models.

    Just try to be careful and see that all the accessories are inside the box. See what kind of guarantee you get with the product, try to get products with official guarantees and not shop guarantee.