View Poll Results: Which Mattress is better and doesnt make you wake up like you have been given a good beating

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  • Spring Mattress

    9 37.50%
  • Spring with memory foam topper

    12 50.00%
  • solid foam only

    0 0%
  • Solid foam with memory foam topper

    0 0%
  • No friggen Idea, I can sleep on anything

    2 8.33%
  • Which ever is the cheapest

    0 0%
  • I got lots of $$$$ so I buy the most expensive one

    1 4.17%
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Spring Vs Foam only Mattress, Which one is better

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    Quote Originally Posted by redslert:
    A personal preference/tip, don't buy a king size mattress.
    Buy 2 singles and put them together and buy a king size mattress protector/topper which helps to smooth the potential uneven divide between the 2 mattresses.

    Doing this makes it much easier to move if necessary or have different mattress types with your partner.
    I've been doing this combo for > 10yrs. Also helps if you partner moves it lowers the disturbances.
    I just did this and couldn’t be happier. Every so often we put the mattresses upright to air and it was always a pain to lift the king size one up.

    Apparently this can be done for queen size too. Some mattress companies will sell 75cm wide mattresses.
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    Also fitting a larger mattress in a lift can be a pain for delivery - depends on your apartment building, but do check before buying.

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