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    i'm currently on a Sunday/PCCW monthly plan with my mobile, and since the switch the PCCW now my international texts are $2 every message.

    is there any provider that offers cheaper overseas texts? i'm texting australia mainly but occasionally the UK, and i'm thinking of getting a prepaid simcard so that my main phonebill doesn't peak over a grand. >_>

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    CSL or Duniya prepaid card are cheaper I guess..

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    $2 is quite expensive - you can normally get international SMS for $1.5 pretty much from everyone. Some of the providers then have specific cards offering better deals to some places (e.g. PCCW/Sunday has a prepaid card which offers SMS to the Philippines for, I think, $0.5) but I've never seen a special on SMS to UK/Aus.

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    People is cheaper HKD 1.00 FOR iNTL sms