where to sell stuff. 0_o

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    Wink where to sell stuff. 0_o

    so i've got a handful of things i want to sell, and i have no idea how or where to go. i don't particularly want to use eBay, i haven't got enoug to do a garage sale and i tried a pawn shop and they turned me down. XD

    i've got a couple of instruments [a keyboard, acoustic guitar and a violin] and a bunch of computer accessories like mice and speakers. i basically want to get rid of them, but wouldn't mind making some cash out of it. =p

    would Sham Shui Po & Cat Street be my best bet? is there any music shops out there that would be willing to buy second hand good quality instruments? do YOU want them? XD

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    post it on geoxpat, asiaxpat and adpost.com.hk

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    Musical stuff - I recall places like Tom Lee having notice boards to sell second hand stuff.

    In addition to online... try your neighbourhood park N shops etc...

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    i've sold alot of stuff here in the classified page...as well as the darkside

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnowItAll:
    ..In addition to online... try your neighbourhood park N shops etc...
    You will find that most, if not all, PNS and Wellcome have removed their customer notice boards due to abuse by commercial companies.