Internet Shopping in HK

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    Internet Shopping in HK

    Having previously been living in London, I'm so used to doing most of my shopping online. But there just seems to be no internet shopping in HK. Ok, Park N Shop but that's about it.
    Don't people want it? Is there some kind of web shopping trust issue going on?
    OR,are there lots of sites out there but I just don't know about them?
    I'm talking about all sorts of shopping for homeware, fashion accessories, toiletries - anything really. Basically in the UK we can get anything on the web! I've heard that there are some sites in Chinese but I really need some English sites!

    Any Ideas - Please help!

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    Internet shopping is just not the done thing here in HK to be honest, People just prefer to go out and physically shop.

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    Hong Kong

    GeoExpat has an online store on Hong Kong | Hong Kong Online Shopping

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    There are: (DVD, CD, Games) (Fashion, Accessories, Beauty)

    and then some of the highstreet shops have internet shops as well, e.g. ;, (jewellery)

    for groceries - probably park n shop and welcome are the only ones, and maybe some smaller organic shops.


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    There's not really much need for it in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is so small and convenient that given the choice of popping downstairs to the shop and picking up whatever you need whenever you need it or ordering online and hanging around waiting for it to be delivered most people would rather choose the first option.

    Online shopping tends to only be used in HK for specialist things that have to be ordered from overseas or second-hand goods like e-bay etc.