Fake bags/scarfs

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    Fake bags/scarfs


    I am just wondering if anyone can help me. A friend of mine back home wanted me to get her a fake Alexander McQueen scarf....does anyone know where I can buy one in Hong Kong???? Also I am looking for some good quality fake bags for myself...any ideas????


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    Fo Tan

    Lo Wu has 5 floors of that stuff. Not that I am implying it is fake as that would violate copyright laws and be in direct opposition to all those banners and cops they have watching over the place.

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    I have my regular suppliers there too and I always get best price

    Once you're there don't get suckered in by a tout offering to take you somewhere and also never go to the warehouse, Always get them to take what you want to the shop.

    Oh and always do your research into the bag beforehand, To ensure they don't sell you something with the wrong type of lining etc for instance.