Wholesome Choice apricot kernels - toxic?

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    Question Wholesome Choice apricot kernels - toxic?

    Hey everyone, I was walking around the "international" Park'n'shop in the city and found apricot kernels for sale.

    I thought to myself that they were toxic, and according to several sources they are!

    I could have happily nibbled on them all last night, and died of cyanide poisoning overnight!

    Anyway, are these Wholesome Choice Apricot Kernels any different? Are they safe?

    They appear to be finely cut kernels, and not whole kernels them self.


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    They're the main ingredients of Bahlsen Contessa Gingerbread (according to package information), which I eat every September in copious amouts. Not poisonous. Causes slight overweight though

    Actually, I think you can make quite a number of substances edible if you roast them. Breaks down the long-chain compounds of which most of the toxic substances consist.

    Tell me if they actually taste good

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    I tried to post a reply to this earlier but it didnt come up so i will post again.

    Apricot kernels contain a high amount of vitamin B17. There is some cyanide in a very small concentration. Vitamin B17 is said to aid in the prevention of cancer and also possibly cure it. So if eaten in small amounts it will have the above effect. The small amount of cyanide injested will not kill you.

    For more info google vitamin B17.

    hope this helps.

    oh and as for taste, they are quite bitter on their own. but can be grounded and sprinkled over cereal to cover up the taste. But you do get use to it after a while.

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    Ok, so we have a substance which might poison you if you eat too much, and it tastes bad. I think I'll stick to vitamin supplements ...

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    oh pls apple pips, green potato skins, green tomatoes, raw linseed and a whole bunch of other plants contain trace elements of cyanide. Like many things a little knowledge is dangerous. the tannins in tea and coffee, the carotene in carrots, Vit A and whole host of things are also toxic IF INGESTED IN SUFFICIENTLY LARGE AMOUNTS - which are usually impossible to achieve through normal eating habits. so enjoy your apricot pips!