Cheapest custom made curtains?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jally:
    I want to get some curtains made for the apartment, and have heard Shenzhen is very cheap for this. However, when you add the visa price and the hassle of dealing with Shenzhen, is there anywhere in Hong Kong that would be just as cheap?

    We only need them for 2 large windows.
    I had mine done for 2 medium sized windows for around 600 HK$ (Of course the price depends on the fabric) at the following shop

    Man Wah Curtain Co.
    Shanghai Street No.626, G/F, Mong Kok
    Tel. 23929767, 27873679, Fax 2390800.
    I have a habit of scanning namecards, but this one is Chinese only. If you still want it, PM me your email address.

    It is not as cheap as China, but 70 for the KCR and 150 for the visa at the border (If you have HKID) needs to be accounted. and you would most probably need to go twice

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    Thanks traveller, I'll have a look. No need for the name card.

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