3d printing service in hong kong?

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    3d printing service in hong kong?

    Hello all,
    Currently I am looking to have 48 small (under 10mm) items printed by a 3d printer. Specifically, because I am using them to prototype injection mold parts, I need high quality parts from a proffesional (not home) 3d printer. Can Anyone recommend a service such as this in the hong kong/shenzhen area? Searching the internet has only led me to one service which seems to be very expensive.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!

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    These people http://sarahwu25.imould.com are very good for SLS/SLA, CNC and low volume manufacturing.

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    Thanks mr.rotavator. That link doesnt seem to work though, do you have an alternative method of contacting them?

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    The link listed above works just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imparanoic:
    A lady next to me in Starbucks was looking at this site a few days ago.

    Interesting but I read about some time ago in the Economist when they had a special edition and looking at the adoption rates of additive manufacturing - but too lazy to look for it now - The highest impact was3D printing used in the rapid creation of assembly lines for good old fashioned factories.
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