Coffee Grinder

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    Coffee Grinder

    Hi, All,

    Where can I buy a decent coffee grinder for a reasonable price?? Or just any grinder??
    Please help... I loooove to start my day with a freshly-ground coffee at home...

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    Welcome to Geoexpat. You should take a look at the "seriously good coffee" thread on this board. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to recommend a good burr grinder (we don't do the blade grinder thing on the seriously good coffee thread).

    I use a Kenwood which works fine for filter/drip/french press, but does not grind consistently or fine enough for espresso. Got it at Wing On.

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    The type of grinder will depend on the type of coffee you take and the budget.

    Filtered coffee:
    HK$100+ – manual hand crank grinder
    HK$900 range - Electric Models like Solis 166 and Feima 600N
    Something in the middle – mostly got mixed review

    Where to get it – You can try the grinder and what is the cup for hand mill and Feima

    HK$900 and higher – Feima 600N for entry level espresso setup
    The less expensive one usually gives too much powder in the ground

    Before making any decision, I suggest you read through this link for a very basic understanding on how important the grinder is.

    CoffeeKid - Guide to Grinders

    You can also try both the hand crank and Feima 600N at hkcoffee too so you know what the cup tastes like and whether you like the grinders.

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    I use the handcrank for coffee in my press, and it does quite well. Considering moving up to something like the Solis that bob mentioned.

    Don't bother with a blade grinder. Seriously. The coffee beans taste far worse coming out of that evil device.

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    Thxs all

    Thank you all for the replies. I'm checking out the website now! : )

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    I actually have two grinders that I am no longer using. A Solis 166 and a Saeco Conica.

    Solis was used a couple of years but still grinds well. The Conica is brand new.

    Any interest?