Crazy hair dyes.

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    Crazy hair dyes.

    Anyone know where I can buy quality "crazy" hair dyes? By "crazy", I mean bright colors like blue or purple or pink. I do realize that this will not be aimed at Asians. So I'm expecting some expat products? Possibly imported products?

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    Sham Tseng

    In Jordan at the bottom of Temple Street on the right-side,before the start of the night market, there are some wholesale hair stores selling all the top brands - Biolage, Bed Head, Loreal, etc - they have an array of product from hair dye, hair rinse, shampoo, deep conditioner treatments, etc. all for a good price. Check there.

    Worse case is you can go to Gateway buy some kool-aid color you like - bleach your hair then add the kool-aid. WARNING: this approach will cause major damage to your hair.