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How to get rid of clothes?

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    would you like to help?

    Quote Originally Posted by razmo:
    Salvation army just confirmed they would pickup if I can come up with 2 'amah' bags worth.
    What is amah bag?
    I'm one of the needed...If you like to give away your clothes and furniture, I hope you like to give me some and for my kids,as well as the electrical items if you like.... Thank you so much.

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    Is there anywhere to get rid of clothes?

    I have some clothes which have shrunk in the wash so are out of shape and not really wearable (so I cannot donate them).

    Are there places that recycle materials used in clothing or is the best way simply to throw in the rubbish bin?

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    most residential estates have a clothing recycling bin where you can dump your old clothes.

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    There's a list of clothes recycling banks here:

    (And all other types of recycling facilities by using the obvious drop-down boxes)