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Where can I buy fresh herbs?

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    Where can I buy fresh herbs?

    I just moved to Hong Kong and I really want to have my own mini herb garden. I can never finish the herbs store bought and packed, plus they are expansive, so where can I buy fresh herbs such as mints, basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary etc. in pots or seed? Thanks :-)

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    I often buy Thai basil. They have different types in Kowloon City. I just use the leaves and put the stems into water. Half will root and you can plant them. Some bugs like then though.

    Many shops have mint too. It will root easily too.

    For parsley there is one store in the wetmarket next to the fish people that has it some times. This won't root and need to be bought often. Or buy seeds.

    Ready to eat pots you can find in the Mongkok flower market.

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