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NutroOne - Customer Service Issues

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    Exclamation NutroOne - Customer Service Issues

    Made a $3000 purchase on NutroOne website 5 days ago and haven't heard any information or status update from them since. The money has been deducted from my account already. I have tried to reach out to them through email, whatsApp, phone call, all unsuccessful!

    So if you want to buy any fitness equipment or anything else they sell, just beware it's a scam. Don't be fooled by their legit-looking website.
    Going to try to get the money back through credit card company.

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    How did it go for you in the end? I also made a purchase 5 days ago with similar experience.

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    If someone ripped me off of 3000 I would show up at the shop or even the shop owner and or manager's home. Dont jump to conclusions that they ripped you off but send them one warning that if you dont hear from them "anything" can happen. Then show up. Maybe the two of you should show up together.

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