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    I was at the Hong Kong Brands and Products Exhibition in Causway Bay last weekend and there were a few vendors selling some new designs at discounted price. $20 admission fee. And I think it goes on until Jan 4th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hullexile:
    not very trusting are you rapid jap?
    ) Since I got it for $170 I was hoping I got a good deal, that's it

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    New Company In HK May Help

    Hi rapid_jap

    There is a new company just started in HK called Mrspeggs that has been around Aust for quite a while that sells a product that will suit your needs perfectly. Just type in Mrs Peggs Handy Line into google search and then go the HK site on the right side and go from there. Their lines are foldable and they have 2 sizes. They deliver and they are about 960-1040 plus delivery but they will last forever and also take bed sheets and all. Hope this helps

    Quote Originally Posted by rapid_jap:
    I want to buy a foldable clothes hanging stand which I can just open up when I want to dry clothes and fold it back when the clothes have dried.

    Just anyone have it and wants to sell it?? Else, where can I buy it in Hong Kong? Japan Home Centre / Ikea (I'd avoid it, if possible) or any other chain store?

    Any idea about price?

    Any inputs hugely appreciated

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    In da Uk? Hey, wha happen?

    Holy threadssurection, Batman!