Legit Software: Where to buy?

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    Legit Software: Where to buy?

    The last time I bought software in a CD was probably some 10 years ago. I need a copy of Adobe Lightroom 6 in a CD. Lightroom is now by subscription only with the previous version LR6 the last to be available on CD and I believe it was discontinued a year ago so I am hoping a software seller here in HK might have a copy.

    Any recommendations aside from the usual locations (the two main Wanchai centres, SSP arcade)?

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    Try US eBay.

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    LR is pretty much the go to software now for image processing and there are lots of tutorials online so going for LR makes sense for me. Buying from eBay would be my last option and there’s the risk the copy has been previously registered cost of shipping aside. I’ll do that if all else fails.