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    Place Card Holders

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with a good place to buy name card holders for wedding tables.One of the very few jobs my fiancee gave me and the place I ordered online from has closed down !! Thanks for any suggestions.

    Mr Two Weeks to go.

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    Oh wow, two weeks left eh? Don't know about you but my (then) fiance was in full panic mode by then, and it's not like he was asked to do much either!

    Try Ship Street in Wanchai (round the corner from the old Wedding Card Street, off Queen's Road East). There's a shop in Lyndhurst Terrace and they also stock them in Papyrus - both sorely overpriced though.

    But I've got to say this: isn't it a bit wasteful to buy a load of plastic / metal thingies only to chuck them all out (what else are you gonna do with them?!) a few hours later? Why don't you just choose thicker paper for the placecards so they can stand on their own?

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    Thanks for your reply. I will check both places out. I too was thinking Papyrus, but I wasn't sure they had the range.

    And pulling the environment card on me..., yes I feel guilty but you are confused to believe that my opinion counts for wedding planning (which suits me just fine)

    You are right, two weeks to go so therefore I am just saying "yes", "I'm sorry" or "I won't do it again" at the moment !

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    My friend has decided to use fortune cookies as name card holders - they are so cheap to buy (Wanchai/ladies market/peak) all sell them. They also make a great gift for your guests to take home.

    It does depend on the theme of your wedding though - they could look totally out of place!

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    there are plenty of name card holders you can use with a little imagination that can double as souvenirs.

    like these ones
    Cube Memo Holder, Custom Printed Cube Memo Holder. As low as $0.92, SM-3259

    which i've seen around hong kong - bookstores, 10 dollar shops etc.

    or you can get mini foto frames instead of place holders. if you have their photos - it would be great to insert it in too

    aside from this design, there are many other designs which would suit your event

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