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Kowloon Grocery shopping delivery & food takeout delivery app?

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    another useful food app

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    Quote Originally Posted by young707:
    Unable to find web site nor Android app for Taste Supermarket.
    Please tell us more about this Tastes Supermarket.
    Search results in or What gives?
    How is an account from 2009 this clueless?

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    VMLINUZ, this is Very rude, cruel & bullying, when we ask about local Hong Kong store app for Tastes and label us clueless.
    We only ask because we are not long term living in Hong Kong and do not know about this Taste surpermarket.
    ArrynField answer was ParknShop. We have no idea what his answer means.
    Obviously, if we are living in Hong Kong recent continuously for years, we will not ask any stupid question and face bioget bully.

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    Just ignore the negative unhelpful people, there's a few on here who have been here too long and grumpy.

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    Thank you redslert. Actually, most our Hong Kong families have no ideal how to go about online grocery shopping & delivery. They have one, two or even three live in maids. Untill COVID hits. Now DIY.

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