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    Quote Originally Posted by hullexile:
    Bit worried about a place that promotes itself as a "cosmopolitan lifestyle supermarket" - shit I just want to buy food.
    I liked your post.

    That deserves a green dot!

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    Yeah, I live in that building and stop in there several times a week. Vole (no idea how to pronounce it) is like a miniature City Super. The Vanguard people got rid of the more downmarket products (mainland beer, cleaning supplies) and brought in high-end Western stuff. The selection is actually pretty decent. It's a modest-sized place and it's not cheap, but it's convenient as hell if you're already in Wan Chai.

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    Was there yesterday

    And was suitably impressed with the high celings and spacious aisles.
    One quirk is that they hand out discount coupns [attached to the CNY brochure] after you have paid-so no getting five bucks back till next time and only on purchases which do not include medication,liquor,cigarettes,infant milk powder,mobile phone cards,gift vouchers,octopus reloading and easy cash service.

    Such bitchiness!
    and for five bucks
    is it any wonder that they call themselves VOle´?

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    Hi folks,

    I have experience shopping on;
    City Super, Great, Olivers, Taste, Sogo, etc.

    I only purchase those food/goods which I can't find from other places, such as 1st cold press Extra Virgin oliver oil from Italy, Spanish red wine vinegar etc.

    I found Kopi Luwak coffee bean and Russian Beluga Caviar in Great. But they are very expensive.

    I found Mövenpick Blue Mountain coffee bean in Tastes which price I can afford. But NOT that from UCC which is sold in Sogo at HKD700/lb.


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