need help ASAP

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    need help ASAP


    want to buy a funky bracelet for the lady. something original rather than the dross they sell in CB jewellery stores - thibnk stones rather than just a gold chian.. Something that not broing and over priced.

    Can anyone adivise a good shop preferable HK island side to go

    looking fpr something like they sell in link

    Google Image Result for celet.jpg

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    Melaine on Lyndhurst Terrace typically carries reasonably priced semi-precious stone jewellery items similar to those you linked to. They wrap gifts beautifully.

    Melaine Living Arts

    Last time I was in I noticed that the store was moving (not until January I believe I was told), and there was a sale, so you might want to call and ask about the selection and make sure they haven't moved yet.

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    There's a place on Lyndhurst Terrace, I don't remember the name, (Skall? Sk...) close to the Aesop store