photo darkroom equipment?

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    photo darkroom equipment?

    Anyone know where I can find a photo enlarger? Second hand?
    Walked through Stanley str., one store had tanks and chemicals only. I was told to go to Tokyo for enlargers.

    Yes I know this is mildly speaking old-school, but that is so much fun.

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    I've been keeping my eye out for a darkroom since the HKAC shut down their darkroom and came across these people online but haven't checked them out yet. As they have a darkroom and run darkroom courses they'll probably know where you can get darkroom gear so probably worth contacting them.

    The Photocrafters

    The other place you can try is the arcade of second-hand camera shops in TST, they mainly do film bodies and lenses but may have (or know of/be able to find) darkroom gear. The arcade is on the left as you go up Carnavon Road after it bends round parallel to Nathan Road (towards the Knutsford Terrace steps). I think the building is called something like Champagne Court? If you go inside there are several second-hand camera shops.