voice recorder vs microphone

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    Tung Chung

    voice recorder vs microphone

    Hi all,

    I need to record my voice for helping me studying and need advice.

    I wonder what is best:
    option 1: voice recorder (not cheap but easy to use and easy to record, + the mp3 file is ready to be transfered to my computer)
    option 2: microphone (cheap, but have to don't know how to deal with the software and how to convert in mp3 file)

    Does anyone have tried both?
    Is it easy to use a sound software?

    Where can I buy those stuff? Computer center?

    Thanks a lot

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    If you don't need high fidelity, a "multimedia" microphone into your sound card is the way to go. Get the cheapest as they are all essentially the same mic capsule. Download the free http://www.wavosaur.com/

    You can get cheap mp3 players from almost anywhere with a voice recording function. If you want to spend more you could try Tom Lee for mobile recorders (Zoom H2 for example).