Can i take a Katana in plane to India?

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    Question Can i take a Katana in plane to India?

    I am planning to take a katana can i carry it to India or should i seek any special permission for me to carry it back to India in a plane. I am not a certified martial artist but as a Hong Kong memento i want to take it, any one has ever taken one ?

    Please let me know.. Thanks

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    Definately not as hand luggage for obvious reasons.
    You should be able to bring it with you in your checked in luggage but of course check with the airline first.

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    Thanks Jimbo, then have to check with Airport authorities both in India and Hong Kong?

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    There is no need to go asking anyone, just pack it properly and check it in. I took back a couple of bodyblades back to India and it was just another 5 foot long tube as far as everyone was concerned.

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    Yup, just keep 'em in your suitcase. Where did you get your katanas? Are they any good or just wall hangers?

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    just pack it ... i took home a set of katanas from Japan to U.S and didn't get any sh*t for it

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    Thanks a lot for your experiences Kambuchakid, Jay and Sk8naner
    Jay - Its just a wall hanger got it in Jade market for 200 HKD