Where's a good place to find second hand goods other than eBay?

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    Where's a good place to find second hand goods other than eBay?

    I'm consistently finding eBay HK is really bad, especially for electronics.

    I know that Sham Shui Po or Mong Kok is probably the best place to browse for electronic goods, but I'm wondering if anybody has a more convenient means other than battling my way through crowds.

    More specifically I'm looking for a Wii, and hopefully something second hand if it's cheaper.

    Does anybody know of any decent online resources to browse classifieds, or even computer centre retailer price listings? My girlfriend can read Chinese even if I can't so it's no problem if such listings aren't in English.


    EDIT: Durr, just saw the classifieds section on this site, so I have that to browse through , but please, any other means?

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    for second hand -

    yahoo auctions hk ( chances that it will be modified to play all regions as well as copied games as locals use this)

    and the other ex pat site classified (chances that it will NOT be modified as possible US/EU import)

    however, as the second price is usually not that good ( save around couple hundredm dollars), brand new is far better

    a month ago, best price ( new) is around HK$1700 ( modified, one controller, brand new, korean ver, but this is english unlike the jap ver)

    香港格價網 Price.com.hk