Which appliances should I bring from UK ?

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    TV is like, last century dude, we all watching teh programz on teh interwebz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by imparanoic:
    Do you get 100's of freeview channels in uk?
    Not quite hundreds but certainly a number

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    Sai Kungish

    Everything will work, the plugs are the same and if someone else is paying ship it all.

    Unless you buy some Chinese and possibly lower range Korean brands here, we've found that the internet has made everything much cheaper to buy back in the UK. There is just no longer any gain in thinking of Hong Kong as an electrical appliance or tech center. The huge growth in internet shopping in Europe has made everything available and at much lower costs.

    We've just moved back here from the UK after a 7 year gap and I've been surprised just how cheap pretty much everything has become back in the UK compared to here.

    For TV your best bet will be something like PCCW's internet Now TV, that can give you range of British international web channels (BBC brands, ITV, many of the Sky channels). There is no FreeView here.

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    If you know someone with a spare freeview box/cable decoder, you may want to consider getting a slingbox connected before you come. They will also need to reset it for you every so often and be around to sort out any problems. Also bear in mind that the streaming quality can vary so it may be best to wean yourself off UK tv and that you'll be 8 hours ahead so if you want to watch something evening time here, you'll be watching UK lunchtime stuff.

    The UK channels offered here, especially by NowTV are rubbish and the same programmes/episodes will run for a whole month or suddenly get taken off.

    If you're desperate, there's always www. hackedcabletv.com, which will also lead to a couple of other sites for US programmes.

    Definately bring your Dyson over and if you're not HK-averaged size or smaller, fill in the gaps with clothing, shoes and medications.

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