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    Where to buy mugs

    My girlfriend recently expressed a desire for a new mug, so I guess it's time I got to finding one!

    Does anybody know of any shops that sell mugs, hopefully with a wide variety of choice, artistic designs etc. That is, not "I Love Hong Kong" mugs!


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    Paul Smith has some really nice mugs (Landmark, Central) but if you don't fancy paying $250 for one, you can try Wing On Department Store at Des Voeux Road, Sheung Wan.


    Or you can try the Starbucks in your neighbourhood.

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    In da Uk? Hey, wha happen?

    Apparently the plastic surgeons in Shenzen are pretty good.

    Oh, COFFEE mug...

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    personalised crockery

    Hi there
    My friend's daughter is really into hosting tea parties -She is 8 years old but loves to get the teaset out and the little cups - and I wanted to buy her either a teaset / cups with her name on for her birthday.

    Any ideas where I can buy this/ get stuff personalised?

    I need it in a rush of course!!!!

    Thanks for your help