Witam wszystkich serdecznie i pozdrawiam z Polski.

First - sorry for my language i can read with understanding but write something in english is too difficult for me - never learn this language - sorry again, but i must try. For firs time i will fly to HK for couple of days and want to buy for my older brother something like i thing in english is named "Ozone Water Dispenser" - its for ozonate water from the tap (can be connected directly to any normal tap in kitchen or bathroom) to eliminate organic pesticide and bacteria by washing vegetables and fruit.
對唔住, 请问,我的英文不太好想普通话和广 话一样, 但是我有一个问题. 我是波兰人,八月二十五日我和我爱 乘飞到香港。我向买一个礼物对我哥 ,他需要一个洗手间东西("ozonator")这 个东西作清水. 我觉得它可以叫“气清水机”但是我 的不知道。 您们可不可以告诉我在哪里我买这个 非常感谢。

Please, anyone know a place in HK (direct adress), mayby in Kowloon - TST, YMT, MK, or in norther part of The Island - somewhere where i can easy get in by MTR)

THANK YOU in advance
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