Where to buy all purpose flour?

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    Where to buy all purpose flour?

    Did not see it in super market. Prefer large package, like 20 lbs. But small is fine, as long as I can get some!


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    Try the more international supermarkets such as

    360, Great, City Super and they should have them.

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    gold medal ap flour is there in most supermarkets like market place and parkview

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    You can try Gateway, they usually sell the 5 lbs Gold Medal bags, Oliver carriers some Bob's Red Mill, Gold Medal, etc., but sometimes depends on what they have in stock.

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    thank you all for the quick responses! I will try some of them.
    This brings another "complaint" I have about living in Hong Kong -- you cannot easily google a store and find its web site and then find locations of stores near your zip code, and then google map the location and get driving directions... Of course I do not have a car so I won't be googling driving directions anyway...but you get my point...
    I live in Bel-Air around Cyberport / Pokfulam. Great environment but not necessarily convenient shopping. Can anyone point to me the locations of some of the stores mentioned above? Thanks!

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    All-purpose address finder:
    Hong Kong Yellow Pages
    For directions, Google maps works surprisingly well at times.

    Grocery websites:
    Dairyfarm group:
    Wellcome (go to Company Profile->Store Information for locations)
    Market Place
    (Oliver's, which does not have its own website, is located in Prince's Building in Central. IIRC it's on floor 2 or 3.)

    A.S. Watson group:
    Park N Shop/Taste/International (store listings in the About section)

    Jusco/Jusco Supermarket (Aeon)
    APiTA (Uny)

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    Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal

    Look for flour labelled "Plain", in any supermarket, which is the equivalent of US "All Purpose".

    And the reason you cannot search by "zip code" is that Hong Kong doesn't have them.

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    There is a new kid on the block, well sort of if your world centers around Victoria.
    Marketplace by Jason's is now in the monstrosity in both sight and name which I cant bring myself to type-so here is the cutnpaste

    Nexxus Building, Central
    LG/F, Nexxus Building,
    Des Voeux Road Central, Central
    Tel: 3104 0652
    Opening hours: 8am to 9pm daily

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    Quote Originally Posted by jiltao:
    ...but you get my point...
    Not really to be honest. We have google, most retailers have websites with addresses of stores...... only difference is outside of the US we're not that big on zip codes but they'll usually be listed by district instead... so all in all seems pretty similar really.

    Most supermarkets have flour. Not being American I don't know what 'all-purpose' flour is but like Claire I would guess it's what Americans call plain flour.

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    Hi Jiltao,

    If you are looking to bake, I would use "Gold".
    It may be similar to what is called "plain" in the UK,
    but in my experience it does not work as well and
    I end up having to sift etc.