Unique ideas for Christmas Gifts

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    Unique ideas for Christmas Gifts

    I know it can't be that time already...! I am trying to think of a unique gift to send my parents, I want something personal to us - I have 2 children who my parents don't get to see very much, and they are growing up fast... I want a keepsake for them. Any ideas would be much appreaciated

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    Children - cash / coupons (the coupons can let them pick whatever they want at the store: HMV / toyrus are quite useful)

    Coupons: without overspending, if it went over... they would have to pay extra.... some financial educations for kids.

    Games, XBOX, PS3!!

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    Not sure what you have in mind, but my brother had a book made of photos of the family (him, his wife and their 6 month old baby). They had it done at a photo shop and added comments and notes too. It was a hard copy book, with shiny photo pages, like a coffee table book. It had about 30 pages, but that is obviously up to you.

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    If you don't mind spending a few bucks, you can ask some professional family video maker to shoot an hour long family video and send it to your folks as Christmas gift. I went to YWCA bazaar earlier this year and saw somebody is doing that, not cheap though.

    But sorry, I can't recall the name of that company now. Maybe you can googling a bit for that.

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    Take a look at something like this ..

    CEIVA - The Inventors of the Connected Digital Photo Frame

    They can get new photos of the kids on their digital photo frame on a daily basis if you need ...

    Perfect for grandparents who might not be too tech savvy.

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    want some thing very unique, a high quality framed canvas printing of your family, inexpensive in hk (cost almost 3/4 times to do in UK or US) yet very personal.

    just pick a nice photo, then let the do the rest, it's really nice ( I done a few, inc, for my fiancee's parents as well as graduation photos)

    check out the site

    O-LIVE DECOR - Turn your home into a gallery - UltraGiclee

    or alternatively

    you can have custom made, hand etched/heated wooden photo frame of your family with either a realistic/ cartoon like image of you and your kids, very unique and relatively inexpensive, can even add a built in music box of your choice (don't think it's avaliable in the west)

    78 shop, 1st fl, 1 phase, mong kong centre

    or even a clay sculpture of your family

    in ( i think) in 3rd fl west koowlon dragon centre in sham shui po


    possibly the best

    laser cut 3d crystal of your family's image (internally sculptured using lasers on to a solid glass/crystal shape)

    the peak, next to wax museum or ventian in macau

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    err i don't think grandma would appreciate getting a winnie the pooh toy this year.