I'm a student working on a class project exploring whether or not a company like TiVo should expand into other markets. I'm looking at Hong Kong.

In case you're not familiar, TiVo is an American company that makes a DVR - basically, it allows you to record/pause TV onto a hard drive. The "secret ingredient" is that you can say "please record all new showings of MyFavoriteShow" and it'll automatically work like magic.

TiVo is available in Taiwan, and people there love it.

I don't think it is available in Hong Kong, but I haven't been there in a few years (and I can't read Chinese). I figured you shoppers would know.

Some questions:
1. Well... is TiVo available there? It shouldn't be! Maybe via grey market?

2. How do most people watch TV in Hong Kong? Antenna? Cable? Satellite? FIOS/IPTV?

3. If it is cable or satellite, do you know how much people pay per month?

4. Do people own DVRs in Hong Kong? If so, are they hard drive based or DVD based? Any brands that you think are popular?