Looking for large shoes

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    Looking for large shoes

    Does anyone know a shop where they sell large men's shoes (size 11 up)?
    So far I got them abroad on my travels. Europe, America, NZ, even Singapore.

    I'm not quite into shopping, so forgive me if I'm ignorant of all the nice places you know.

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    Try Stanley Market.

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    Try Johnston Road, Wan Chai - the road that the tram travels on.

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    Hong Kong

    Marks and Spencer..my friend is from the UK and he's UK size 11.

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    Thanks. Found them.

    Rockport at Nathan Road besides the Kowloon Park. They told me they have shoes up to size 13 US.

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    I need info. on the same thing...just that, I am a lady with big feet...)

    Can anyone suggest a shop where big-size formal (ofice-wear) shoes for ladies are sold?

    Thanx for any inputs!

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    Big Lady Shoes

    Hello! First thing I post on this website:

    About big lady shoes: There is one shop called Alibaba (not the website) on the stanley market.

    It is a cornershop with ladyshoes up to size UK 45.

    I hope this will help you!

    But I just see that your post dates back to 2006 but anyhow...

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