New Parents / Grandparents - Gift Ideas?

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    New Parents / Grandparents - Gift Ideas?

    My Brother and Sister-in-law are having their first child in January.
    I will see them for xmas, so I want to get them a good gift for them and their new child. I just don't know what to get.

    Any ideas for either gift for each of them, or a combined gift for all of them?

    also need to get something for my parents who in turn will become grandparents for first time.

    please help me out with ideas...i am really stumped here.

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    If you ever decide to buy any clothes for the baby (boring but most commom), you should buy stuff slightly oversize e.g. for 2-3 years old, because the baby will probably receive many stuff for new born from other people and babies grow really quick,

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    few suggestions? may sound bad but whatever is hot on tv for preschoolers. i.e. if Barneys 'in' get a little barney soft toy, or teletubbies, whatever. If they have any media in their house than that often becomes the fav. toy. Or dvd's of the babymozart series can be popular, get the ones after the first series so nobody else will have given that to them yet.
    for hipper household music like 'babydub' etc, will let the parents have some cooler music and the wee one jiggle, rather than going mental on over 'wiggles' etc.
    Chinese often give real gold or silver, for the first month birthday celebration its a big deal and in hk they have pure gold cute tokens of the baby's chinese star sign. U've prob seen them in the jewelry department stores...

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    well if you opt for clothes, I second Euchinese for not buying the smallest sizes, but not for too 'far' either.. 12 or latest 18 months sound good .. but then if you buy clothes, pay a great attention about the weather season .. nothing worse to receive a nice swimoutfit fitting the baby when it's winter

    otherwise, if you want a original gift.. but very useful for babies, you can think about cloth diapers like the onese you can get from it's better for baby's health.. and for the environment..
    good shopping anyway