The gf, who is not a big coffee drinker generally, really liked the dark cherry flavoured coffee Starbucks were doing over Christmas/New Year, so I thought I'd get her some syrup so she can add it to regular coffee at home... Problem is that I'm not sure where to get a bottle

Having had a look around online, it looks like Torani is probably the brand to get if I can find any - there's even a suggestion or two that the Starbucks stuff is actually Torani, rebranded. Anyone got any idea where I can get some? Had a look around CitySuper in IFC at lunchtime and couldn't see anything of the sort, and I wouldn't hold much hope for the regular supermarkets. As long as the cost isn't ridiculous, I don't really mind, but their stuff seems to go for around US$7-US$10 or so per bottle online.