Beads and accessories making materials

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    Smile Beads and accessories making materials

    Does anyone have the address of shops/Wholesalers in HK selling beads and accessories making parts and materials? Thank you!

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    think you can head to sham shui po during weekdays before 6pm, don't remember what time they are opening on sats, but they are close on sundays.

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    Go to Shamshuipo and just wander about not far from the station. There are so many stores, would be no point giving you the dress of one!

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    Thank you

    Hello kwanmichell and eesque!
    Thank you for your directions! It is very helpful indeed. Cool!

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    there's a bead shop at Austin Rd & Nathan Rd (few doors from St Honore cake shop). also, one on Jordan Rd (across from the Jockey Club, towards Kln Stn).

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    what type of beads are you looking for? would it be something like rose quartz, black onyx, picture jasper?