Wedding rings and Chinese dress (Qi-pao)

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    A memorable meal for two


    Hehe.... If we were rich we sure could have a nice party with the Geoexpat crowd

    I thought a wedding dinner included a set of dishes only available as a complete set, and used for dinners, but from what you say we could perhaps just order a few of those things, considering there's only two of us and we don't want to pay $ 15 000

    Shark's fin soup is surely something special you can't get anywhere else in the west. It's quite expensive, isn't it? How much would two bowls cost? Many hundreds of HK$ each?

    I found a website with Chinese wedding traditions, and it explains that there are 8 dishes, many of them sound delicious (especially since I've had them before): Peking duck (yummy!!!), chicken, read bean soup, sweet buns.
    It would be a lot of fun an give us a memory for life if we could have a great meal like this on our wedding.
    But where should we go, should we reserve in advance, and how can we order when we don't speak Cantonese?
    Unfortunately I don't know anyone in HK any longer, so we're on our own (well, not quite -we have all of you here at Geoexpat)

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    Why don't you invite everyone from Geoexpat to your wedding banquet? You could ask them all to bring a red pocket, that way you would get a really big wedding banquet and you might even make some money!

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    Just a little background on the money matter. As Chinese custom, we give money on all occasion, wedding, baby born, new year, funeral etc symbolise good luck. (Not sure why, I hate it myself, I rather pick a meaningful gift.)

    For wedding in HK, to avoid embarrassment, we have a unwritten rule of $500 for shows and $300 for no shows on invitation. Sometimes, when the couple select a lower class restaurant for the wedding dinner, on $500/ppl will make some money, but most of the time the money can only cover half of the cost...

    So what I'm trying to say is, invite friends to your wedding dinner might not cost you as much as you think.

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    getting married in August

    Quote Originally Posted by pacman:
    Seeing that I get such good replies here, I dare get a little off-topic from the original question about Cheongsam and wedding rings...

    Since we're getting married in HK we would like to make the occasion a little different and memorable, so we were thinking why not have things a little in the way HK locals have their weddings. It's only the two of us travelling alone, so there won't be any organizing or big, expensive wedding dinner/party.

    But we want a nice meal of course on that special day. Problem is that I'm out of touch with where to go etc. as it's ages since I lived in HK, and we really don't know where to go to eat. But we were thinking that it would be special for us to have a traditional HK wedding dinner. Is it possible to have that just for two people? Or are wedding dinners only made if there are 100 people etc?

    Suggestions? Comments?
    If a traditional Chinese wedding dinner can't be done for two people (or it's way too expensive for us), what else could we do?
    Coming all the way to HK we surely don't want to end up in a western style restaurant and have something we can have any day at home
    Hey pacman,
    my boyfriend and I are also coming to Hong Kong in early August to get married. We need 2 witnesses and I was wondering if your wedding occurred whilst we were there we could have a reciprocal arrangement for wedding witnesses (we don't know anyone in HK)? Just a suggestion.

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