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    I've moved from UK to Malaysia, Malaysia to Australia and Australia to NZ (much the same stuff each time, obviously) and filled a 20 foot container each time - usually cost in the region of 5000 usd. I found quotes varied quite alot but so did the quality of the packers - it was a LOT less hassle having them pack everything up and got better insurance if they did it too. And every time they refused to quote unless they viewed the stuff - I guess they know folks are not as good at them as estimating size.

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    Boris. I called Carry Cargo in Leeds, but Mr. Evans is no longer with the company and they don't ship personal effects.
    I tried another mob in Leeds, but same crack.
    Does anyone know if it is possible to ship personal effects back to UK from HK using a UK company or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HowardCoombs:
    I think the OP is suggesting 500 cubic feet == 14CBM which is roughly 1/2 a 20FCL...

    Also, speaking of ripoff
    It costs more to move a container from UK Port (Felixstowe or Southampton) to Leeds via truck
    Getting that container from Hong Kong to UK.
    I suggest if that is the case then you ask your agent why they are not using RailLink / ContainerLink. The terminal is in Leeds and its MUCH less that trucking it.
    FYI - the mate I mentioned has his own trucks so getting it out quick smart was easy and his office overlooks the depot.

    FYI - You and I both know that you are stretching the truth in your statement. Over the years the Shipping Co's have lowered their headline rate for sea freight so your statement might be true in isolation but then the all in rate is made up with CAF, BAF, Peak Period Rate, Container Return, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Then, of course, if you ship through certain lines then you have a LOW SFR but they mandate you use THEIR haulage contractor. You wait for days to get the box out of the docks ( especially Soton ) and pay mightily for the privilege. Maybe that is what you are referring to.

    Never played that game by using GREAT agents and really glad I am out of it now into more leisurely pursuits. I do miss the profits though!

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    When I have 15 cbm I usually ship FCL because it is a little cheaper and much safer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bak875:
    btw these relocations companies Forwarders are making too much money.

    I recently worked in Shipping and just the Ocean freight from Asia to North Europe is around USD 700-800 per 20ft. add on the packaging, trucking, clearing at both ends still doesn't justify what their charing.
    Can you recommend some companies that don't overcharge so much? Thanks.

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    Try crown relocation. We are using them for moving from Sweden to HK. Seems like they are reasonable in price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Singaporegal:
    Try crown relocation. We are using them for moving from Sweden to HK. Seems like they are reasonable in price.
    Crown are good but are at the higher end of the price range. They moved me from the UK to HK but my company was paying so price wasn't an issue. I've been looking at moving back to the UK (and having to pay my own shipping) and got a reasonable quote from Transworld (who advertise on here), a good third cheaper than Crown.
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