Transferring #((^ broadband subscription

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    Transferring #((^ broadband subscription

    I see a lot of people posting ads about transferring the broadband subscription which has 12 months left or so.
    Since minimum subscription for Broadband is 24 months, and if staying in HK e.g. 12 months, it makes perfect sense to try to transfer it to someone else.
    I already checked from customer service that if there's an early termination, you have to pay the remaining months..
    Anyways, as I will be leaving HK soon and still have 12 months left on my Broadband contract, I would like to try to transfer it someone else, so that I do not have to pay the remaining 12 months to the broadbrand provider (for nothing).

    Now, let's say someone wants to take over my Broadbrand, how does it actually work?
    Does the company allow to change the subscriber? Probably not. So it means, if someone wants to take over my subscription, I would need to inform my "new address" to the Broadband provider, and then
    ask the "new subscriber" to pay the remaining months to me in advance?

    Any thoughts on that, or any other ideas for early contract termination.

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