Leaving HK - Immigration, Tax and MPF questions

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    Leaving HK - Immigration, Tax and MPF questions

    Friends -

    I have already read a post (old one) which was explaining about "Leaving HK - Immigration, Tax and MPF questions". But, I have few unanswered things from that. Let me ask that with this new thread.

    I have submitted my resignation last week and it was accepted by manager. The HR process is underway. In the mean time, I would like to apply MPF. questions on that:-
    (*) Do I need to go MPF office and submit forms? Also, I read that beside my HK id card copy,two other MPF withdrawal forms,
    (*) MPF site also mentions that I need to provide proof letter that I am leaving HK permanently. How/where to get that? Any information on this would be more help.

    (*) Also, for TAX clearance, Do I need to go TAX department in person and make sure all pending are cleared?

    In general, I have a higher level idea on MPF and TAX. but, I would like to get some insight details, that is why I have created this new post and asking.

    Thanks all for your help.

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    You know where the airport is...

    "Please contact your trustee directly to enquire about the administrative procedures for making a request and the necessary documents. Upon receipt of all required documents, the trustee is required to pay the accrued benefits to you within 30 days. Contacts of all trustees can be found here."

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