question about filing a spouse visa to U.S.A

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    question about filing a spouse visa to U.S.A

    I recently gotten married and my wife and I are planning our way back to the U.S. We dont know when yet, but it might be early to mid 2014. My hope is that we can get everything completed while I am in HK, so when we do leave, she can just get up and go and have legal status right away.

    Has any one done this before? What is your experience? How long did it take? Was it difficult?

    Any reccommendations on Lawyers in HK? I know that technically, I can do it myself, but if the cost is right, I would rather just have someone do it for me.

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    Grüne Hölle (CWB)

    I haven't looked into it recently, but I think you can do it ahead of time. You do have to plan to be there when she arrives (I say this because I had understood that I was not able to sponsor my wife unless I intended to return and become a resident as well). I don't recall any other major hurdles (assuming your US taxes are up to date)... Good luck!