question about baggage allowance (cathay vs domestic flights)

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    question about baggage allowance (cathay vs domestic flights)

    If I remember correctly, from HK to U.S, cathay allows 1 checked baggage at no charge. However, I believe that most of the U.S domestic flights charge for the first checked baggage now.

    The few times I've flew back from HK, I remember I have to recheck my bags once I pass immigration at the U.S.
    For the domestic flights that do charge for the first baggage, do I have to pay the baggage fee?

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    that will depend entirely on your ticketed carrier - if you have 1 ticket for the HKG-US and US-Domestic legs then it should state the baggage allowance and that would apply for the entire journey.

    if you have 2 seperate tickets then the US-Domestic leg allowance will apply regardless of whether or not you are transferring from an international flight.