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Avoid Using Seven Seas Worldwide

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    Angry Avoid Using Seven Seas Worldwide

    I just want to make people aware of our experience using Seven Seas Worldwide International Shipping.

    We moved from HK to UK in August 2017, after numerous disasters with Seven Seas Worldwide we received our shipping on 5th June 2018. Multiple items missing and multiple items in our boxes which are not ours.

    Here's a rundown of everything from start to finish.

    My husband arranged the shipping with HK office with Adzim. We wanted to pay by bank transfer, which Adzim advised yes we could. She delayed giving bank details until day of collection where she changed her story to "cannot do bank transfer. Leave the full cash balance with your boxes for shipping." Ludicrous I know. But with my husband leaving that day he felt this was his only option. He trusted Seven Seas Worldwide. I know he should not have done this and he knows too. But he did. He left $3000HKD cash in an envelope with the shipping papers on top of one of the boxes.

    September 2017 (we're now in UK) we receive an email advising we have not paid our balance so our shipping is still in HK. My husband called HK office, not surprisingly they have no recollection of such a conversation. Call UK office, they will investigate. No option but to pay again. Pay £276GBP via credit card.

    Receive our shipping 5th June 2018. Notice lots of items of baby clothing which are not ours. Notice we have a lot of big items missing. These include;
    Kids scooter and helmet
    Kids plastic table
    3 designer coats
    Large toy car carrier filled with cars
    Bubble mower
    Shapes for VTech shape sorter toy

    Husband called company. Not much help. "Take pics of stuff you have which is not yours and list items which are missing."

    All in they have "lost" more than £1000GBP of our belongings and they being no help.

    Been in contact with UK Tranding Standards and HK Customs and Excise.

    Cautionary tale.

    Avoid this company if you can.

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    Shipping from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom

    We are sorry to hear of your unhappiness with our service. There are two points to your review which we feel we need to clarify.

    Since Seven Seas Worldwide began operations in 1996, the owners, who originally drove the vans to deliver and collect boxes, were quite clear that it was too dangerous for the drivers to have customer's cash in their cabs. The owner's policy from the very beginning was that customer do not pay the drivers. Therefore, we must dispute your claim that this was our instruction to you.

    You used our Baggage service by sea, this is a self packing service where we delivery boxes, bubble wrap and tape to your address and you pack what boxes you need. There was no evidence that boxes had been badly treated or opened whilst in our possession so, regretfully, we are unable to accept claims about damage or lost items though we are upset that this was your experience.

    Regards, Seven Seas Worldwide

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    ...One could say their response time to be in line with their delivery timing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by timonoj:
    ...One could say their response time to be in line with their delivery timing....
    To say the least!

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    Yeah not much point digging up an old post. But I had no problems with SevenSeas pickup in Dec 2019 and delivery in Feb 2020 as expected with nothing missing or no extra costs. I didn't leave any cash with the boxes either, I paid on their website via credit card.