Hi all,

I completed my first work visa last month and unable to sign up to a second due to commitments back in UK. I informed my employer of decision when I returned after Xmas break in UK so they had sufficient time to find my successor.

During the last weeks of my employment an HR representative made two visits to support me with my exit arrangements - IE tax forms and reclaim MPF. I was also informed that I would receive my final months salary to allow me to settle outstanding tax which surprised me as I had heard that they would withhold an amount to cover this.

My last working day was made very uncomfortable with me receiving emails regarding three outstanding charges around fuel and minor damage on company vehicle & the third relating to my mobile phone. I did feel it was constructive as they were sent hours before leaving giving me no opportunity to respond plus giving the fact that I had just served four months notice so plenty of time to have resolved this in advance of me leaving.

I was then informed that they were withholding all funds owing to me (April salary, Q1 Bonus & MPF fund) which amounts to twice the value of Tax bill.

I have no issues with settling Tax bill and could do so with UK funds, but given behavior of employer I'm not convinced they will then release all funds owing.

I have read online that an employer cant withhold monies owed beyond thirty days and also that I can authorize Tax Office to request monies owing from employer and forward me the balance once they have deducted their cut?

Any ideas on to best move this forward would be much appreciated