Settling Tax and Withdrawing MPF

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    Settling Tax and Withdrawing MPF


    It's been a good run in HK and I've finally made the decision to leave HK. My last day of work is on the 30th Aug.

    So far i'm quite clear on the procedure to settle the last bit of tax and requesting to withdrawal of MPF on grounds of permanently leaving HK.

    My question is:
    - Am I able to settle the tax procedures (visiting Revenue Tower, paying outstanding tax etc.) before my last day of work?
    - Am I able to start applying for MPF early withdrawal, getting my oath done before my last day of work?

    Replies appreciated!!!

    Have a good day and stay safe

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    This thread has a fair bit of info:

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    I will be looking to do this next July. But just for your info, a friend of mine left at the start of July just gone.

    He certainly managed to sort everything out before he left. In fact as a teacher his offical last day of work was mid august and last pay day would have been this August 30th but he got all his pay in on June 30th and settled his tax and MPF early June.