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Should we stay or go?

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    This is also very interesting.

    Booking one week from November 9th-16th via Hertz Switzerland.

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    Booking the same via Hertz International.

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    Hong Kong wins again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Chips:
    I can't know it will be the same for you... I have taken a significant pay-cut but it's almost hard for me to describe how much mine and in particular my children's quality of life has improved...

    Take our apartment... it's not as simple as price, space and facilities... there's no overcrowding, there's no noise...

    Take the streets with their cycle paths and the no passing within 1.5 metre law...

    Take the 1 Euro coffees... again, no queuing, no noise... proper service...

    Take the parks that are miles of cut grass, skate parks and other high quality sporting facilities that don't have fences around them and some white shirted jobs-worth bothering you with rules.

    Take the history, the castles, the architecture...

    There's a tonne of kind of intangible things that I can't really put a price on... the air, the dry heat...

    I hate to say this... but I can speak more Spanish after 3 months than I could Canto. after 10 years, and I could speak quite a bit of Canto.

    We've moved to Portugal now... man, last Sunday we had roast dinner under a Moorish Castle... 11 Euro and it was lovely... great service, nice cool breeze, wife had a lovely glass of port, kids played and a live band jammed nearby...

    You can't put a $$$ value on it. Hong Kong will only get worse.

    Yes, confirmation bias, etc, etc...
    +1. i'm so tired of al the DO NOT DO THIS AND THAT signs on parks. what are parks for then? to HK'ers, apparently, just picnics.
    i miss the peace and quiet of my home country. yes, the taxes suck, but there's a lot of upside.

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