Leaving HK to Singapore - checklist, movers, pet relo

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    Leaving HK to Singapore - checklist, movers, pet relo

    Pulled the trigger to leave for Singapore in Nov - after a little over 3 years in HK. Won't go into all the details but suffice to say HK when I decided to come looks very different from HK today, and I don't see a path toward the old normal anytime soon.

    What are some things we need do before leaving HK? Other than closing MPF and settling tax.

    Is there any recommendation for movers/container shipping companies that are not super expensive? I know there's Crown, Asia Tigers, and Santa Fe but they've quoted me in the range of HK20k for my last local move that I ended up paying HK6k for with a local company. We used Seven Seas for our medium Movecube from NY to HK 3 years ago which was very cheap (like US$1-2k) but they didn't have movers that packed/filled the container for you, and we didn't bring over many large items, plus it took 2 months, so we're looking for more of a mid-range option this time. Anyone moved to Singapore recently and know how long it takes the container to arrive?

    Then for our cats- we didn't use a pet relocation company last time and did all the paperwork ourselves, which I don't mind doing again, but we flew the cats on the same flight as us which I don't know if it's still an option in covid times. A friend shipped her cats last week and had to do it via a cargo flight instead of a passenger flight. Also don't know if there is still quarantine/testing upon landing in SG and whether we can go to pick up the cats right away and clear import before going to quarantine. So we may need a pet relo company this time and would welcome any suggestions.

    Someone asked me what was on my bucket list of things to do in my last 4 months of HK the other day, and I honestly came up blank (clearly shows how much love for the city I have left lol). So welcome any suggestions on that too.

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    You can smuggle the cats out in your underpants